Singledaddydaycare Parenting Feature – Getting to know you…with Lindsey Hunt (episode 2)

So it is back to reality for Singledaddydaycare, but we have our next new ‘Parent feature!’  We are home from France and it was my first day back at work today for over 2 weeks! At least it is a short week though! So Singledaddydaycare now has over 2000 followers on Facebook, which is great considering I have only been doing this for four months – a massive ‘Thanks’ from me to everyone who has, liked, shared and contributed – we are making this a really cool page!

I have decided to do the ‘Getting to know you’ feature every two weeks and I just wanted to say, to those who are interested in participating to send me a message.  To those, who have sent me theirs already, I really appreciate it.

So, next up we have Lindsey Hunt who is 45 years young and has a  gorgeous 9-year-old daughter, called Hattie.  She left Hattie’s ‘Father’ when she was only 2 weeks old. In the words of Lindsey, “It was the bravest and best thing I have ever done. He told me that if we left he would never see Hattie again and that it would be my fault.  He kept his word and hasn’t seen her.”  Hattie’s Father also has a son who at the time was 7 years old and he used lived with Lindsey and his Father half of the time.  Lindsey, says the hardest thing ever was “not seeing him or have Hattie grow up knowing her brother.”

So quite a tricky situation and I know many of us here have been in the situation where we have had to leave a relationship and with that also the partner’s child(ren).


Into the questions:

As a parent, what’s the toughest challenge you’ve faced?

The toughest challenge was when she was 4 years old and her Father got in touch to say he wanted to see her.  I would never stop him seeing her as he is her Father.  Hattie had never spoken about a Dad, so explaining to her that she had a Dad and trying to make it all exciting for her was heart breaking but I did it.  To cut a long story short, he saw her the once then didn’t bother again…it was so difficult.  It isn’t like he is a drunken bum.  He is a well-respected business director but unfortunately just does not want to take any responsibility for his daughter financially or emotionally.  

What do you enjoy most about being a parent?

The best bit is the unconditional love. Even if we have had a fall out its forgotten in a moment and cuddles all round.  Also the random kisses and ‘I love you’s ‘ .

If you could, what one piece of advice would you give to a younger you?

The advice I would give to my younger self would be ” give the NICE men a chance” .  I was always attracted to the good-looking arrogant ones.  If they were too nice it put me off.  If only if known it’s good to be nice!

Anything else you want to add? (can be about anything you want…topics you want to raise awareness to, ideas for parents, difficulties, issues – literally anything)

When my daughters Dad got in touch, I really found it difficult to get advice about the best way to approach the whole thing with her.  I spoke to her school and asked if there where any people they knew of for advice but there wasn’t.   I would have liked some help and support at that time.

Last December his son got in touch with me via Facebook after 9 years.  He said he was at the age (15)  where he could decide his self and he said ” I want you and my sister back!”
Hattie and her half-brother now have a lovely relationship and see each other regularly.   He still sees his Dad but now can see him for what he is.  Their Dad is unaware they are seeing each other as that is what my daughter’s brother wants at the moment.   I do understand that there will come a time he finds out and we will have to deal with it when it happens.
As long as Hattie and her brother are happy then so am I.  Her Brothers Mum and I get along great ( as we obviously have a lot in common) and the 4 of us often go out for meals and days out.
If you want to take part in the Singledaddydaycare ‘Getting to know you’ parenting feature, then drop me a message and I can send you over some instructions.  If you enjoyed reading this, then why not check out episode 1

Next Week

A month has passed since my last Facebook live chat, so next week, I plan on doing my next one! Look out for more information coming soon!

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