I am a single 33 year old, who is a full time worker in the healthcare arena.  I have joint responsibility for the children and have them 6 nights every 14 split over a 2 week period. The system works well and I generally get on pretty well with the children’s mother (my ex wife).
We broke up and subsequently divorced when the children were extremely young.  The children remain unaffected to my knowledge and consider themselves lucky to have Daddy’s house and mummy’s house. Communication is paramount I believe in these situations and at some point I plan on sharing my thoughts and ‘system’ on keeping these relationships healthy for my own sanity but also clearly for the benefit of the children.

If you, like me want to give your children the best possible start in life, the wonderful memories so many of us have ourselves then please do follow me.

This site isn’t only just for Fathers of course, but I honestly feel there is an awful lot of support out there for single mothers but much more of a taboo attached for single fathers asking for help, ideas or suggestions. 

This is my first blog, so your comments are most welcome along with any feedback, comments or suggestions!